Vulnerable, honest and, present. Or: “Utopia, possible dream or unattainable myth?”

Wow, at least two of those words aren’t very scary at all for me but, put them all together and expect to be all three verbs as a habit, consistently?  You’re kidding, right?  What if we all were all three things, all the time?  What a novel concept you say?  It would solve a lot of issues before they even started though, wouldn’t it?  Walk with me down the yellow brick road to Utopia, yes I am aware I do mix metaphors all the time.  

In this simpler but no less genuine world, you would get exactly the information you wanted without having to worry about hidden meanings, double entendres and having to psychoanalyze the motivation of whomever is speaking.  Imagine a world where everything is exactly as it is seen, no one has a hidden agenda, barter still exists and nobody feels the need to take advantage of anyone else.  Greed becomes a thing of the past since money means nothing, as it is demoted to simply the worth of the paper it is printed upon.  

Harmony becomes the ultimate goal, not to climb higher and faster than the one who has the same skills and sense of urgency as you do.  Ultimately, were it not for the insane level of competition, you could accomplish even more with that person who shares your interests and skills than you do on your own!  Are you scoffing yet?  Thinking I don’t understand competition or the goals it achieves?  All I have to say is years of experience in both retail and hotel management more than qualify me to comment.  Stay with me…

Communication breakdown becomes complete as people put down their phones and tablets, laptops and “i”anythings.  Accessibility becomes a choice and ceases to be a “have to”.  Eye contact increases, and true connection becomes the norm.  Phones become dumber since the steep decline of the previous demand for apps, people become smarter as they start remembering numbers in their heads and consult physical maps, which they then actually learn to fold back the right way again!  Meetings for success of the inhabitants of this planet as a whole are conducted with no surveillance or security because nobody is in danger.  Meetings are scheduled in person to connect and build relationship to further a peace and contentment for all, not wealth and false temporary happiness for a few. This does not mean there are no arguments or professional disagreements, perhaps even volatile at times, which seems to get the creative juices going for some people.  It simply means the end result is the peaceful resolution of respecting others contributions.

I do not wish for a dumbing down of where we are now, simply a raised awareness of how stunted our emotional growth has become because of our tether to technology and medicines and “sophistication”.  I am also not oblivious to the fact I am writing this on an electronic posting which reaches across the world.  I don’t wish for an end to our sophistication, just a reawakening to the simplicity it was meant to facilitate, for a revival of the human connection.  The cerebral wandering I post here is an attempt at making that human connection through the written word.  Even the written word is an art form which seems to be dwindling to extinction through purposeful abbreviations and absentminded misspellings all in the name of saving time and being more efficient.  I am not a monosyllabic person!  What part of this appeals to you?  Do you have faith any of this can happen? Can you make even a small part of this real in your world?  How can you be vulnerable, honest and present this week? Pardon me while I proofread this whole post at least twice.Image