What can I write in here to give you more insight than is already written in my posts? I miss my ocean but, find solace in the rivers with my kayak. I moved here to California where the rest of my family is from originally, from South Africa over 20 years ago, (there’s been some travel stateside) and yet it still runs in my veins and has a hold on me more than any other country I’ve lived in and I know I’m going back, I just don’t know when. My family, faith and friends are how I choose to spend my time. I look for beauty in everything and everyone. Yet, I tend to balance worst case scenarios with the optimism. I am a walking enigma. My two gregarious young clones keep me 100 percent engaged and just this side of insanity. I’ll let you be the judge of which side that is exactly. I love my job working with children and the bonus that it is at my church and allows me to share Christ with those little people and their families makes it all the more amazing! If I left any questions unanswered, ask me! I look forward to talking with you.


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  1. Ann says:

    Request to follow your blog.

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