Life is just so…

One of my daughter's favorite books at bedtime.

One of my daughter’s favorite books at bedtime.

Oh, how my daughter loves this book! And so did I at her age and so I do still at mine. I call her “Best Beloved” and she giggles and loves the term of endearment borrowed from the book. I trust Mr. Kipling would approve.

Inevitably, she will be inspired to ask about my time in Africa, which is where I first read the many wonderful stories for myself, and I wonder if that is the true reason she loves the book, or does it merely feed into her imagination a flurry of fantastic impossibilities of the world’s beginnings or perhaps a combination of both.

She says it gives her dreams filled with travel and asks for the millionth time when I am taking her to Africa. She is 8. Lately, the dream is for me to fly her to Paris. She is still 8. The key here is she dreams so many big and beautiful dreams and I encourage them all. I tell her she can do anything God has for her and maybe she will travel to faraway places, I truly hope so.

I hope I have taught her to be wild and faithful and true, both to God and herself. If she keeps that priority in mind, she will indeed be unstoppable. And her life will be just so.


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