How are you connected?

I’m in a coffee shop, watching the swirl of humanity wash in and out like the tides.  I see acquaintances, intimate relationships, big business meetings and consultations.  All are making connections.

I lived overseas for 9 years of my younger life.  Family connections with those this side of the ocean were few without the fascinating far reaching power of the various social media apps we have now.  So, we missed many events, weddings, funerals, reunions even, all of which would have kept us connected.  Now, through a mention of a Christmas card sent to my mom from a cousin I have only seen a few times in my life, I searched and found her online.  Because of her, I am now connected to another cousin who has been doing genealogy on my family for 60 years!  I am so thankful for the connection and can’t wait to hear all about that line of my family.  Making connections, it’s what I do, perhaps because of feeling the absence of them when I was young.

Is it who you know?  Is it what you know?  We spend hours upon hours connecting our lives and making those connections perhaps without really thinking of how they work.  We’re hard wired with a natural design for community.  Even as a person who really enjoys my time alone, I have a desire for communication.  Are you intentional about how your connections are made?  I just spent the last two hours, without realizing how much time had passed, with a good friend discussing a ministry we are both so passionate about, organizing and melding our visions into the most powerful connection we can fashion to reach the youth we cherish and invest in constantly.  Now, she’s gone and I’m making other connections, through text, email and even here, with you.

There’s a lunch date made and the connections continue throughout my day.  Some intentional, some results of intentional interactions invested upon for years before.  Isolation can often lead to depression and self imposed deceptions for some people.  Why not stay connected and involved?  With this suggestion comes a warning.  Beware with what and whom you are connected.  Ask yourself, are you strong enough to be who you are and still enjoy a connection or do you get sucked in, and lose your identity?


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