What now, 2014?


I’ve started three posts and deleted them all.  Suffice it to say, I’m feeling a little like the girl ready to sing in the cherub choir in this picture.  She’s me, just about 3 decades ago, maybe a tad more.  She looks so confused and I’m sure the boy, who’s name I have forgotten is trying to help her but, she’s just not sure she wants help. 

Recently, I have been transforming my Dad’s old slides into digital images and it is time consuming and nostalgic and fantastic!  My family hasn’t seen any of these pictures since they were taken!  What all these pictures create is a tapestry of my past.  The boxes are mixed up, so one box is full of animals of our time in Africa, the next flies forward into high school in California and formal dances and a youth group trip to Catalina.  Then back to Belgium as a toddler, and again, back to pictures of petting a cheetah at a sanctuary in South Africa.  My brain automatically jumps from moment to moment, as my memory fills in pieces of the days the pictures tell only a fraction about and I am swept away remembering lessons learned and memories created.

So, what now?  Now, I build on all that has happened in my past, good and bad. Here are my beginnings, I’ll be checking back on this post at the end of the year and maybe even a couple times in the interim to see how I’m doing with all my different projects.

I’m starting to write 500 words a day to get back in the groove of writing regularly.  (Hopefully, this blog will reap some of the benefits.) After all, I have two books in the works and although it scares me to get to the point of preparing them for publishing, I’m finally ready to risk it! 

I’ve started a reading plan to go through the New Testament of the Bible and I’m sticking to it!  Hey, I believe in celebrating success early and often!

I’m starting a new leadership position in an excellent weekly ministry series for jr. high and sr. high students, called “I am Second”.  If you haven’t heard of it, check it out for fantastic, current resources to help our youth deal with priorities and be set apart in our entitled world.  It feels good to be part of an outreach again.  Actively participating in young lives is a passion and a calling for me. I can’t wait to see lives transformed by God Himself!

My monthly writer’s group is starting up again and we have some great plans for this year.  Challenges and growth, community and encouragement.  And of course, writing! 

I’m planning on running, (jog/walking?), a race or two and competing in Eppie’s Great Race, the kayaking portion of this fantastic triathlon, which I have missed sorely the past couple of years.  This involves training and again, regular activity. Maybe the new trampoline in my backyard will help, when my children let me use it!

Surrounding this all is a net of school involvement, art docent for my children’s classes, field trips with both of them and, whatever class participation with parties and plays and special events goes along with doing my best to be an engaged, hands-on parent.

I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution and I’m not going to start now.  I don’t make lists, it’s too confining for my scattered personality.  This is a plan however, a rough outline of things I know will benefit me if I stick with them, and maybe writing them down will make an indelible mark on my brain and create an accountability by sending this out into the vast cybersphere.

What’s your plan?  How do you stay accountable?  I’d love to know your ideas on what’s going to happen to you this year!  I wonder how the little girl in the picture would respond to the big girl writing this blog!  I think her expression would probably be the same!


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