Save gas? I can’t even save my own sanity!




This was me yesterday.  I look so peaceful don’t I?  I could have napped all day!  It was actually just posed long enough for the shutter to snap a picture to play a prank on a dear teacher friend of mine.  The rest of the day before and after this, was spent running almost 400 children and staff through their fall pictures, group and individuals, followed by my son’s soccer team pictures that evening.  I thought that was a busy day.  Fast forward to today, not just the plain old VCR fast forward but the fancy, press the remote 11 times to fly by commercials in warp speed so you can get to your favorite show’s result announcements as quickly as possible speed!  My day began with me going to bed after midnight due to reading a brave new friend’s manuscript sample, which I was thrilled to read and wanted to give feedback on as quickly as possible.  A few measly hours of sleep later, read that as 1 or 2, and I was awoken by my husband looking out our bedroom window at the police officer questioning a man just wandering around the neighborhood in the middle of the night.  Comforting, yes?  Had I not been so tired I may not even have been able to get back to sleep, paranoid as I am, and yet, Snoopy says every cloud has a silver lining and I along with my silver lining, collapsed back in bed.  Even later, another hour of sleep or two and I turn off my alarm instead of hitting snooze, sigh.  My daughter climbs into bed with enthusiastic cries of: “Ohhhh, I love you so much!”, and we promptly fall back asleep.  I awake again too many minutes later to discover I have slept in and need to leave the house in an hour!  As I get up I have missed a text from a precious family member expecting their first child and they are at the hospital!  I’m not close enough to drive so I have a one handed texting conversation while cooking eggs and making toast, (no I don’t recommend this method for either activity).  Kids are dressed, full of breakfast, hair done, lunches packed, off we go!  No shower for me is alright since I’m working out for the first time since my knee dislocation a few months ago anyway.  As I start the truck, I’m somewhat proud of my still half full gas tank, I only went two places yesterday and I’m sticking to some sort of fantasy budget in my head of not having to fill my big green beast before payday!  Yay me!  Get to school, remind my son I am picking him up for his orthodontist appointment at 11:15ish, remind my daughter to bring her backpack tomorrow because she has forgotten her folder again, kisses and hugs and I’m off to work out.  A glance down the corridor and I have a split second thought of something I’m forgetting but, I’ve already reminded my son, (what else could it be?), all is well, and I take the opposite corridor back to my truck.  I’m at home, after texting my family, finding out the baby is not coming today, it was just a false alarm, to which I replied everyone needs a dry run and I’m off to feeling the burn of neglected muscles stretching in protest to the beat of happy music and shiny people when I am interrupted by a phone call from the school.  That’s never a good feeling is it?  I JUST LEFT!  What could possibly be wrong with either of my children in a half an hour?  “Are you coming to get your TB test checked today?”, comes the sweet voice of a woman way more organized than I could ever dream of being, and I think this post proves it unquestioningly!  GASP!  “Yes, of course I am!”, I blurt out as I yank at some more appropriate attire while hopping around like a whirling dervish, phone still attached to my ear, no I did not think of speaker phone.  “And you’re coming right now?  Drive safe!”, she says cheerfully with a chuckle because she knows me!  I race out the door, knowing I still have gas in the tank but, now it will be quite depleted because I will have made 4, yes 4 different trips to school today!  Good thing I stayed all day yesterday, it all balances out in the end, doesn’t it?  I get my test read, all of 10 seconds at the school, 1 second for the nurse to read, 9 seconds of me apologizing profusely for keeping her there, although I did notice mine was not the only unresolved application on the pile, hey I’ll take consolation where I can!  Back home, switch outfits, finish very short workout, shower and look, I’m off for my third run to school and it’s not even noon!  I wonder what my tank will say after gymnastics today?