Murphy really needs a vacation!

Despite not turning on my alarm last night, I was awoken by two sweet children hopping in my bed for a quick snuggle before the first day of school.  Cue chirping birds here.  All is smooth and lovely until I realize the alarm didn’t go off but, I’m still good on time so I enjoy my peaceful beginning and untangling myself from my children,  I serenely float down tge hall to say goodbye to my husband.  Little did I know, when he left for work,  I was not waving goodby but apparently hello to Murphy.   Honestly,  how many things can go wrong in one morning?   The children were out of toothpaste, somehow someone must have eaten a midnight snack of the tube I saw in there last night when I checked for signs of any delay we may have for this auspicious morning.   Apparently,  the same person must have been in desperate need of a change of clothes because my daughter stood naked as the day she was born in her room and yelled oh so sweetly down the hall for, “UNDERWEEEEEEAAAAAARRRRR!”, yes there was underwear last night, when I checked, deciding to try this whole, lay- your-outfit-down-on-the-night-before-thing-so-you’re-not-naked-and-screaming-down-the-hall-in-the-morning,  thing i hear is so successful for others.  (Are you sensing a pattern here?)  Aforementioned intruder also absconded with clean underwear in the dryer, at least it was drying last night, when I…wait for it…checked!  Pancakes went off without a hitch,  and if you disregard the infernal, more secure than Fort Knox packing tape on the thermos which when finally destroyed, resulted in the spoon being launched across the kitchen, so did the lunches I packed! My son reminds me I probably still have time for a shower which makes me realize I’m still in my pajamas, bless his little heart!  Probably not the outfit my boss wants to see me in at my meeting this morning!   Somehow all is assembled, almost time to go and my vitamin slips out of my hand onto the floor,  it’s bright pink on a grey stone patterned floor,  how hard is that to find, you ask?  I decided to leave it for Murphy,  he needs a little pick me up after his busy morning!


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