Pervasive, passionate peace.

13-14Apr2012NatBridgesBeachMarineCenter 020Why is peace so often equated with weakness?  Peace is passionate, powerful and potent!  It can be like the waterfall, it’s effect felt much farther afield than just the downward flow of the water hitting and changing the very form of solid rock, the spray nurtures as far as the wind created by such an undeniably pervasive force can carry it! Underestimated by many, it spreads quietly and slowly, rippling through people like cool water over pebbles in a river.  Anger is weakness and begets violence which too often becomes a raging fire and being aggressive in nature, so announces itself through destruction and leaves a visible smoking trail of disarrayed people wherever it’s been. Peace is tolerable, it can be everywhere and leaves a tangible trail of new growth deep in the heart like a fresh rainfall, pooling and soothing the aching soul with it’s promise of reconciliation. Anger tells memorable tales through words and actions which hurt and scar far deeper than any knife can cut, more permanent too. Peace flows to every open scarred cavity, filling voids and creating hope where anger and violence have left a hopeless path of ruin. Anger empties people of love and community. Peace breeds serenity and cohesiveness, filling people up with new found freedom. Anger says you are trapped and there is no escape. Peace welcomes the chance to rebuild and reconnect. Anger builds upon itself and peace can as well. Their commonalities are in numbers. Anger can swell and change direction and force like the wind shifting a hotspot and multiplying the damage done to acre upon acre. So can peace swell, as people generate comfort and solidarity with each other to quench the savage beast of anger, affecting more and more lives the more people embrace it’s saturating properties. Anger leaves people lonely and spent, even in a crowd. Peace encourages a constant renewal through the gathering of like minded hearts, never losing momentum when kept in focus.

So, when do we learn to squelch the angry fire within before it destroys more than just our lives? When do we learn the far greater extending power of reaching out in peace to extinguish the fires of anger? Do you believe anger is a secondary emotion? Do you believe people are sad first and when unresolved or unsatisfied, that sadness grows to a perceived justifiable anger and sometimes beyond? What if that sadness is offered comfort and peace and resolution at it’s genesis, before it escalates to a force of violence? Will you be a force to be reckoned with today? Which force? A forest fire of fear and damage? Or a wave of unconquered strength, seeking out a path of pervasive peace?

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27


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