And if I offended you? Oh, I’m sorry… but, maybe you need to be offended!

Another song lyric from another time.

I was (and I still remain) a fan of punk, ska and other supposedly derelict music. Today, I love how Christian artists have expanded to cover the full realm of different genres, so I can still have the energy without the negativity of the lyrics. Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), did poetry readings in Long Beach when I lived there, fantastic! The lyrics may be less than savory to many people but, they are just the kind of in your face truth which we as a Christian community seem to lack. My husband just said to me, not 30 seconds ago as he looked over my shoulder and read my title, “You’re going to throw a little Suicidal Tendencies into your faith based blog?” I told him I certainly was going to do that, and more. You see, I feel a culmination coming and it’s scary and exciting and amazing. Everything I’ve learned from my life experience and everything I have done in different ministries up ’til now, is coming together for a different way to glorify God! Going down a different path is both familiar and fearful for me and yet, part of the familiarity is that fear of the unknown. Suicidal Tendencies knew the “shock value” effect of their name, they had no intentions of ending their lives, just shaking people up and out of their sheep-like stupor of mediocrity.

This morning I attended the National Day of Prayer Breakfast at William Jessup University. What an amazing way to start the day! Francis Chan was the keynote speaker and he spoke of becoming complacent. Are we worried about what others think about our stance, or are we worried about other’s relationship with Christ?


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