3-2-1-Impact! A manifesto, of sorts…

I’m reading the special double issue of Entertainment Weekly which lists “the 100 all time greatest…” everything.  I thought for sure The Great Gatsby would be number one in books, what with it’s intense revival on the big screen but no, Anna Karenina is number one and I have one more book to add to my list of what to read.  A little more surprising is how many books made the list on number seven!  Not just one Harry Potter book in particular but, the whole series!  This has me thinking about my own dreams of becoming an acclaimed writer.

I love to write, it’s extremely enjoyable for me and cathartic, which is an extreme understatement.  Hearing it has an effect on other people’s lives is incredibly rewarding!  Yes I would appreciate the money it would bring in, as it would free up more time to write!  The freedom to not worry about such petty things like a mortgage or which store to shop at for groceries would be a novel concept I could probably get used to in a heartbeat!  I digress…

Above all, I want to have impact!  I don’t want to be successful for the sake of entertainment or sensationalism.  I want my stories to be meaningful, insightful, motivating and relevant to generations now and in the future.  If you’re gonna dream, dream big, right?  I’m just beginning my first inclusion in a writer’s group, which was a huge leap of moving forward for me, I’m blogging, and truly appreciative of every reader who enjoys my posts.

I want to inspire, regardless of age or gender or religion.  I want to share my faith, my experiences, the lessons I’ve learned and let someone else know they aren’t the only ones struggling, and joy is possible, even in the midst of sorrow.  I want to change people’s perspective, of themselves, of those around them, of their circumstance.  Impact people!  I want my words not just heard and read but FELT!  I hope my words bounce around inside the reader’s head for days provoking thoughts and feelings and self reflection, before finally landing in their heart to nourish and grow their confidence and self image.

Perhaps I wrote this to remind myself in the future, should my dream become reality and I somehow become tempted to compromise my dream in any way, to stay the course and keep on track.  And truth is, it’s more than a little daunting to think of being so successful I would appear on a list like this magazine.  I don’t do the hermit wallflower well anymore, and I would hope to remain in obscurity to some extent, privacy is important to me, despite how it may seem at times.

What’s your dream?  What are you doing about it?  Have you written your manifesto?  If you have, does it need tweaking?  If you haven’t, I get it, I’ve been writing for a couple decades and am just now seeing it as a possibly viable career.  I absolutely believe if I can put my dreams online for potential millions of people to read and therefore, hold me accountable to, anyone can, so what are you waiting for, go for it!


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