Complacency, the dream killer…

I just posted about my dislocated knee and my woe is me demeanor being rocked by someone else’s need for prayer in the midst of tragedy.  Sometimes, I need a little more filler, apparently of what others are going through before I go back to my little world and I was drawn to the story of Zach Sobiech, who passed away last month from cancer, and who left a rich legacy of love and songs of his inner emotions to help his family have multiple connections to him forever.  If you watch his video, “My last days”, the producer comes out and says he wasn’t inspired to do something for Zach because he was dying but, because of how he was living!  In the beginning of the piece, Zach himself says you don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.  What a fantastic view of life!

His songs talk about hope and farewells and acceptance and, his friends and family describe him in a common theme: happy.  Nobody would blame him if he sank into a deep depression, or refused to communicate with anyone ever again.  He chooses to nourish himself and others by living with a purpose and a spark of compassion and love to give others peace and closure.  WOW!  He thanked his brother for giving him knowledge. He thanked his sister for keeping him strong, in his faith.

Who do you inspire?  Maybe it’s your kids or your spouse.  Are you intentional about what memories you are leaving behind?  Do the good memories outweigh those that lack luster because you lost it or were barely coping with whatever was going on that month or day or year?  Who are you missing out on giving words of comfort or love or real emotion to because you assume they will be there forever, even as unrealistic as you know that statement is as soon as you think it in your head.


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