Strengthen what remains, and is about to die.

Wow!  A revelation from Revelations!  Who says the Bible is no longer current?  It’s alive!  It has just as much relevance today as it did when it was inspired!

I had so much inspiration after listening to a day of praying and Francis Chan, I had to write two posts to accommodate all I have in my heart to share! Although this title is from Revelation chapter 3, in Romans chapters 9-11, Paul referred to believers as the remnant when he spoke to the churches over 1,000 years ago! How much more are we that remnant? How much closer are we to the end of this world, which to Christians, is just the beginning?

So, how do we strengthen what remains? Why is it about to die? I feel the answer is the same to both questions. A phenomenal woman of faith, (with whom I have the pleasure of assisting alongside in her ministry), and I were discussing the desperation and attacks which are happening with our next generation. The hopelessness, the busyness, the constant distractions and lack of guidance. Someone needs to fight for these fledgling believers! Someone needs to be bold! We spoke of putting on the armor of God and going to battle for these girls! Staying in the Word, keeping scripture close in our hearts and in so doing, close to our mouths. Pray without ceasing, it’s a great verse, easy and relevant in so many ways. It’s in I Thessalonians 5:17. My radio stays tuned to lyrics which echo my faith 97% of the time so I’m armed and ready to go! Are you? There is a gap of empty space too many of our youth are falling into for lack of anyone filling it in with love and acceptance or bridging it with a path to follow! Let me be clear about acceptance. You don’t have to condone behavior you know goes against the freedom of living in God’s will. You do need to accept the person who is hurting inside and so perhaps participating in a behavior you feel is holding them back from really experiencing God’s love.

I’m going to stand in the gap! I’m going to reach out in small groups and reach out in my personal relationships, and reach out wherever I see need and am able to meet it, again and again and again, to extend a hand with no strings attached, simply to portray a living God to a dying world. How are you going to stand in the gap?


One thought on “Strengthen what remains, and is about to die.

  1. I love the reference to the remnant since it’s all over the Old Testament. It’s amazing that even through the most rebellious times in Israel’s history, God still had a plan for that remnant to eventually lead to the birth of Jesus. We are living in such a rebellious time it’s hard to look around and have hope for our future but God is good and no matter how dark things get, He will keep that remnant alive.

    I think our own hope will help the next generation to also have hope. We need to keep reaching out not just with our time and attention but also with our teaching. Knowing the Word of God can bring peace so we need to be passing it down.

    Thanks for sharing your joy from the Day of Prayer.

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