She blinded me with science!

This post’s title is not just a song lyric anymore, at least not to me.  After reading a dear friend’s blog on her choice to accept Christ after being raised Jewish, my daughter made a profound statement although at 6 years of age, she has yet to realize the true significance of what she said.  This amazing woman wrote about having to reconcile the One God with the trinity and the way she came to realize they were One and the Same was through the different phases of water.  God became ice, Jesus is water, and the Spirit is steam.  Science came to her rescue, she wrote.  After reading this incredible statement to my family, my 9 year old thought it made perfect sense and my 6 year old daughter said: “That’s probably the best way to describe God, with science.” Such a simple statement, so deep in it’s layers of interpretation.

Christianity is so many times at odds with science, or so it would seem by the many scientific, anti-Christian Facebook pages out there, let alone comments by people “proving” again and again how there is no evidence of God and with no explanation or physical effects which can be recorded or controlled. When my children ask me something we cannot fathom, why did God choose blue for the sky or why does God allow suffering, (just the basic questions you understand), I respond with scientific reasons for the blue and other generic inquiries and then I say I don’t know to the other questions about pain and evil because I really don’t know. I don’t leave it there either. We talk about how many things we don’t understand but the one thing we do know and understand and feel and take joy in is that He is in control. He goes before us and after us and He’s there in the middle too. What do I tell me children about the stuff I don’t understand? Some people think it’s a copout but, I say, “I don’t know and I’m okay with that.” Both my children were shocked at first because they know just how curious I am about absolutely everything. I tell them if I knew all the answers, then I would be God, and I don’t want that job! It’s too big and I’m not that confident! I tell them I don’t want a God I can fully understand. He is majestic and omniscient and powerful. He is infinite and I am finite. He is the Ancient of Days. It doesn’t get any more real than that.

What do you tell your children when they ask the hard questions? Where does your faith lie?


2 thoughts on “She blinded me with science!

  1. klguthrie says:

    I am encouraged. Thank you!

  2. Suz says:

    I was inspired by your experiences, which is why I am grateful to you as well. 🙂

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