Fairy tales, fractured or otherwise?

How many times do we believe the fairy tale? Innocent girl suffers heinous injustice completely out of her control, only to be whisked away by absurdly successful, larger than life prince. How many people do you envy for living (you assume from your vantage point in the cinders), in a fairy tale?   Do you think the fairy tale will never happen for you?   There was a brief series of fractured fairytales on television put on by Shelley Duvall in the ’80’s. Famous actors of the day such as Robin Williams, among others played out happily ever afters…with a twist. They were humorous in their absurdity as well as their plausibility. I know many women living like Cinderella today…some before the ball, some after the shoe fit.  We all go through phases, call it paying your dues, living with your choices, reaping what you sow, everything has been reduced to taglines these days, or so it would seem.  I would challenge you to examine where you are right now.  Are you down in the trenches working hard towards worthy goals or, are you living with someone else’s choices and stuck in a middle ground of waiting on the opportunity to escape and follow your own path?  What is the long term consequence of where you are right now?  Do you look ahead and see a road leading to your version of the big castle, whether it be literal or figurative, complete with perfect happiness?  Would you be content to be content instead? Contemplate the difference of happily ever after vs. contentment.  If the opposite of happy is sad, does it place an awful burden on yourself to be happy your whole life?  Is being content a more realistic goal?  To be content means to me, there will be ups and downs, good and bad, yet I will stay constant through it all.  For me, I never dreamed of being Cinderella although there have been many times, I have knelt on the floor scrubbing away and felt her pain!  I did not dream of my prince rescuing me or the big wedding dress or any of that  whole package as portrayed in the story.  It was simply a story.  Now I have a daughter who has yet to see it and began talking about whom she would marry in preschool, complete with mock ceremony!  I cannot relate but, I relish her enthusiasm and, it has become a great way to communicate to her our family values and what to expect and what not to tolerate, etc.  Whatever your fairy tale, make it yours, don’t follow someone else’s format for your life.  Your story has already been written with the best possible outcome and, with God as the Author and Finisher of our faith, as long as your version of the story involves Him, I guarantee you won’t have a midnight curfew or end up as a pumpkin but, it will have a twist.


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