Weapons of mass distraction, or why do today what you can put off ’til tomorrow?

Do you do all you want to do?  Is it good enough?  What does that phrase mean anyway?  Good enough?  I feel like my house is in a constant state of “good enough”.  It definitely doesn’t meet the white glove standard, nor does it ever stand a chance of even qualifying for “most organized house”, not even in the top billion!  I’ve been distracted by two remarkable little beings, whom I claim delightfully as my very own flesh and blood.  And, no they are not the subject of the title, as appropriate as that may appear to be at times.  I spend a lot of time with my two little clones, constantly rearranging schedules to be in their classroom and on field trips and home with them after school, even though I work part time.

They are both in school full time now and I am sloooooowly, ever so slooooowly, as in slothfully slowly, (just ask my husband) starting to concentrate more on my house. I firmly recommend preventive maintenance of things rather than tons of catchup work later, please note the word “recommend”, not “practice”. Intent is not the problem, distraction is and, I am an expert!

Here’s how I clean: As I’m sweeping the floor, I hear the dryer has stopped. I walk the first batch of clean and folded laundry to my son’s room, stepping over the Lego landmine because I’ve now developed a sixth sense in my toes, especially for small plastics. Place laundry on bed, pick up laundry, make bed, replace laundry. Pick up Lego, try to figure out if there are any other landmines awaiting my bare feet. Upon placing brick back in bin, notice daughter’s bride Squinkie has somehow escaped her room and is playing with the big boys now. After rummaging through to rescue other possible survivors of the minuscule wedding party, and thereby also head off any arguments later, I also notice a sock I’m sure has a mate in my room, or did at one point. I return the bride to my daughter’s room, picking up shoes as I cross the threshold into the danger zone. I remember the shoes need laces as they are the worst design in “no laces needed” shoeware, I have ever seen! Or maybe its truth in advertising since now one shoe indeed has no lace and the other has but one shred of material which vaguely resemble a worm or lace, hanging on purely out of stubbornness. I reflect on their lack of wear, we’ve only just bought them 3 weeks ago! I’ve deposited the miniature figurine of wedded bliss back in her hometown and now, sock still in hand, laceless shoes in the other, I head to my room to find the mate. Oh and I’ve now made two beds and am about to make a third. Walk into my room, spend 5 minutes looking for afore-mentioned sock mate, find more laundry by the door like a small mountain, daring me to conquer it before I need to pick up the children. I’ve now gathered the pile, taken it back to the washer where my trip originated and, unknowingly placed the lone sock in the dirty clothes. Do you feel my pain? And the floor still isn’t completely swept but, I won’t notice that until later, when I’m barefoot again and my toast crumb toe sensors fail! I’ll probably wonder how that could’ve ended up there when I just swept up?

We haven’t even covered the kitchen, bathroom or living room and its time to go get a good parking space close enough to avoid the pedestrian gauntlet of after school pickup. Oh, did I mention its Spring and my garden is less cultivated, more apocalyptic? For today, it’s just got to be good enough. Are there days you need to give yourself permission to be good enough?


One thought on “Weapons of mass distraction, or why do today what you can put off ’til tomorrow?

  1. Every darn day is about being good enough. Do they have clean clothes to wear? Do they have food to eat? Did I love on them? I’m cleaning my house today because we have a guest coming over and I realized there’s a big difference in my mindset. Our guest will be here for a few hours, get a snapshot of our lives, hopefully feel welcomed and comfortable, then leave. Guests don’t drop socks on the floor for me to pick up, dump out Legos for me to step on, or look at my cooking and groan. Cleaning for my family is like running a marathon in a revolving door. And kudos to you because your distraction was just other cleaning not all the other stuff that jumps in our minds and gets us off track.

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