What’s your plug of choice?

What gets your creative current flowing?   Is that where your energy is going to the majority of the time? After a rather calm day, ending in last minute panic, sucking the calmness away in the blink of a phone call, I just had a random visual of myself as a wall outlet, but unlike those poor inanimate objects, as “live” as they may be,  I had the choice whether I was going to allow energy to flow to whatever was plugging in to me.  You think that’s random, I was also only a double socket!  I hope the first thing plugging in is an extension cord leading to a power strip!  I’ve got way too much to do to only depend on two measly plug ins!  You see what I did there?  I delegated to the power strip!  I am still the major energy source and none of them, despite their ability to power things independently of each other, will get anywhere without my support because their main energy source is still me.  However, instead of occupying all my time and energy exclusively on one need, now I can support many needs at once and still remain strong!   What a concept!  And, I still have an open plug left to focus on other needs and maybe even hold back on some of my energy to divert it to this other source!

Do you leave any open plugs in reserve for whatever may happen, even if perhaps only to recharge yourself? Do you choose who or what you plug into, or do you find you’re suddenly surrounded by people and commitments sucking the juice out?


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