Want flaws with that?

My perfect day started like this:  Up at 3:00 because I had so much to do, I couldn’t wait to get started!  I baked a batch of cookies from scratch for my son’s class and did two loads of laundry in between baking times.  I also made two loaves of banana bread, made my children’s lunches for school, did my daily workout, showered, woke the two darlings up, made them breakfast, and off to school we drove! I helped in my son’s classroom, went to work, met my mom for lunch and so on and so forth. Envious yet? For those of you Laugh In fans, here come ‘da flaws, here come ‘da flaws. REWRITE!

I went to bed at midnight because I was talking to someone important, which is why I decided I would leave the cookies for the morning. Somewhere in the next 2 hours, my young daughter climbed into bed, making me the meat in the Daddy daughter sandwich, did I mention we have a Queen size bed and we are both King size people? I digress. Moving on, at 3:00, I awake to the sound of thunderous snoring and the lack of blood to certain extremities due to poor circulation of contorted limbs attempting to stake a claim to some meager portion of the bed. After extricating myself from my flesh and blood straight-jacket, I figure I might as well get a start on the day. Make cookies, start laundry, make kid’s lunches, actually, that last part did go off without a hitch. Cookies however, which felt weird when I was making the individual balls, (a little too greasy, as if there wasn’t enough flour, was a thought which fluttered through my mind and then just as quickly fluttered out), went in to the oven minus the flour, cinnamon and baking soda. Ugh, at least I managed to see the lonely little bowl, while glancing up from the melting remnants of the first batch of cookies in the oven.

Fixed my cookies but, now of course they have less butter, I scraped the now sweet, crispy, crunchy oatmeal, butterscotch concoction into a bowl, season it with cinnamon and stir it up, not willing to throw it out. I went to turn on my workout and actually made it through a whole 10 minutes or so of the 30 minute program before I just couldn’t do it anymore, whipped up a double batch of banana bread but, used the wrong coating for the pan and forgot to use it entirely on the other pan. The sprayed one had a weird taste on the outside which thankfully could be covered with a glaze and the other came out perfectly because it was in a silicone pan, yay for small mercies! Hopped in the shower, woke the children, thank you time change, off to school, late for the first time in I don’t even know how long! Now you have the truth about my morning, flaws and all. The kicker is I actually remember looking around before the children awoke and thought, I should get up this early more often! Oh, the madness our brains confuse for rationale when sleep deprived! Oh, and also, because of all that, I fell asleep on the couch at about 8:30! And, did I also forget their nutritious breakfast was a bowl of the “granola” Mama made fresh? And, I needed to go to work, pick up the children, and make a rehearsal for a skit I am in tonight.

Which version do you usually tell of your day? The clean, no flaws version of all your accomplishments? Or the all to real fully flawed version, aka the human version? Conversely, which one do you want to hear about from a friend? I go for the more entertaining version every time! I don’t want to hear just about what you did but, what it took to get you there! It gives me insight to how you think and persevere and operate under pressure, thereby giving me a greater glimpse into your character and thinking process. There might be a little part of me which rejoices that my day wasn’t as bad as that but, if you are a friend of mine, I will voice that openly and we’ll laugh about it anyway.


4 thoughts on “Want flaws with that?

  1. Love it. At first I was thinking, “Oh great, another person who talks about how she’s got it all together!” I think the only person who wants to hear how someone has it all together is the person who is talking about herself!

    I love when people are real. Sure, we all try to do our best but each and every day I do something that reminds me that today is not my day to be perfect. It would be boring to have friends who were perfect too. So, sure I’ll take some flaws with that.

  2. klguthrie says:

    The reality is that attitude makes all the difference. In your presentation of life’s events and your journey you focus well on the humor and do not become gripey which makes it entertaining in the way of the “fart in the bordello” FB exchange. It is all about balance. And thank goodness we can get all of those fabulous positives even when the journey is filled with flaws and pitfalls. It’s all about the color baby!

    • Suz says:

      The way I see it, we can respond to life with weeping or laughing. I choose to laugh ’til I weep! Nobody ever accused me of being monochromatic!

  3. I have to say..flaws and all, it’s clear what a devoted mom you are. Even though I only “see” you on Facebook these days, you can still see the closeness 🙂 And I’m so glad you’re writing – your posts are great!

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